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Thanksgiving Chest
Limited Edition Yes
Begin Date 28 November 2013, * November 2014
End Date 5 December 2013, * November 2014
Introduced Armor Arborsteel Vanguard, Primordial Hide
Extra Chance for Legendary & Epic 3x
Chest Price
1 Chest 30, 35 (2014) Gems
11 Chests 350 Gems
40 Chests 999 Gems

The Thanksgiving Chest was a limited edition Chance Chest advertised with a 3x Chance for Legendary and Epic and the new Epic ArmorArborsteel Vanguard. It was around the week of Wicker Warrior and Thanksgiving Throwdown events. The Thanksgiving Chest makes a return on November 2014 with a 10x Chance for Legendary and Epic and as well with a new Epic Armor, Primordial Hide.


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