Summoning Stone Z

Summoning Stone

The Summoning Stone is the place where you can summon bosses for gems. You can only summon bosses when you unlock them. For storyline bosses it's when you defeat the epic stage. For epic bosses it's when you defeat it at lvl1. To summon a past epic boss it costs 30 gems. To summon the current epic boss it costs 11 gems.

The summoned boss is only level one, so it's pretty easy for anyone to beat.  You don't have to worry about wasting the Gems and not winning the battle.

Summoning a current epic boss does not affect the actual epic boss's level.  It will not move you up a notch on the rewards. When you defeat the boss it drops 2 of its crafting items (instead of the chance drop if you fought the boss in it's stage).

During the epic boss Ice Lich there was a promotion that made so that all the epic bosses and the bosses that normally cost more than 10 gems had their summoning price at 10 gems for 2 days

Normal BossesEdit

The Earthquake Serpent costs 4 gems to summon.

Water Elemental costs 5 gems.

Gorgon Warmistress costs 6 gems.

Crimson Dragon costs 7 gems.

Mighty Mammoth costs 8 gems.

Titania costs 9 gems.

Waterio costs 12 gems.

Cockatrice costs 14 gems.

Chimera costs 16 gems.

Phoenix costs 18 gems.

Hydra costs 20 gems.

Ghostbeard costs 22 gems.

Swamp Kraken costs 24 gems.

The Roc God costs 26 gems.

Cerberus costs 28 gems.

Dark Prince costs 30 gems.

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