Starmetal Armor are armors that have the Starmetal element. They are strong against all elements and weak only to other Starmetal Armors. There are currently 10 armors with the Starmetal Element: 4 Legendaries, 4 Epics, 1 Dragonforged, and 1 Shadowforged. The Dragonforged is Spectral Vanguard, and the Shadowforged is the Spectral Elite.

Only the Kaleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment and Spectral Elite are craftable. Originally Starmetal armors were not fusable. However, due to recent changes in Fusion, they are now fusable; you can both fuse Starmetal armors together and receive various different armors, and you can fuse other armors together and receive a Starmetal armor.

Name Rarity How to Obtain Base Stats Base Stats + Max Stats Max Stats + Images
Kaleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment
Chance Chest, Crafting 196/210 216/231 679/417 837/511 Kaleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment Kaleidoscopic Starmetal Raiment-Head
Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment
Chance Chest 411/378 485/416 1062/930 1175/1037 Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment-Head
Green Kaleidoscopic Raiment
Chance Chest 486/551 ??/?? 1038/1379 1225/1502 Green Kaleidoscopic Raiment Green Kaleidoscopic Raiment-Head
Red Kaleidoscopic Raiment
Chance Chest 502/442 552/487 1330/994 1449/1177 Red kal RedKaleidoscopic Raiment
Bronze Chromatic Mantle
Guild Wars 300/300 331/330 1280/1280 1507/1408 Bronze Chromatic Mantle Bronze Chromatic Mantle Icon
Silver Chromatic Mantle
Guild Wars, Chance Chest 390/390 430/430 1370/1370 1508/1606 Silver Chromatic Mantle
Gold Chromatic Mantle
Chance Chest 480/480 529/528 1460/1460 1705/1606 GoldChromatic zps05863a62
Spectral Vanguard
Chance Chest 1938/1935 2132/2129 3290/2975 3692/3377 Spectral vanguard
Spectral Elite
Chance Chest, Crafting 2608/2537 2869/2791 4146/3957 4673/4467 Spectral vanguard

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