Snakeskin Armor
Snakeskin Armor
Rarity Rare Rare
Elements WaterEarth
Maximum level 50
Craftable Yes
Fusable Confirmed
Level to unlock plus 15
Evolution levels 5 & 25
Match No match
Enhancement points 24 20
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials 6 Snakeskin Leather Strips
Regular Attack trans 153 +6 Attack trans 447 Materials found from Gorgon Warmistress
Defense trans 170 +9 Defense trans 611 Materials location Skeletons Tomb
Plus Attack trans 168 +7 Attack trans 511 Crafting cost 3,000 gold
Defense trans 189 +12 Defense trans 777 Crafting time 2 hours

Snakeskin Armor is a rare water/earth armor made by crafting, fusion, or chance chests. It is the first rare armor you are able to craft in the game. It is the cheapest rare armor to craft by far at only 3,000 gold. Its crafting materials (Snakeskin Leather Strips) are easy to obtain by killing the Gorgon Warmistress in the third stage (Skeletons Tomb) of the game.

This armor is often crafted for use in enhancing other armor. It grants 24 EP for armor that contains either water or earth elements, and grants 20 EP for all other armor. It is one of the least expensive ways to enhance armor at higher levels.


Snakeskin Armor has lower attack and defense stats than many of the other rare armor sets. It is not as effective as some other armor sets of similar rarity. Its max stats are significantly lower than the Big Four armor sets which are just as easy to enhance to their maximum level.

Later on in the game, this armor is surpassed by Swamp Shaman Robes, a craftable ultra-rare water/earth armor with significantly better stats.