Slimelord glorg banner

Slimelord Glorg Banner

Slimelord Glorg was the Earth/Water Epic Boss from Aug 1st to Aug 7th, 2013. It dropped Globs of Slime when defeated which are used to craft the Slimebane Battlegear.

Glorg's Nemesis, the Nemesis armor for this Epic Boss, is available in the Dark Prince's Chest during this Epic Boss's reign.


  • Slimelord Glorg
  • Slimelord Glorg on map
  • Slimelord Glorg on battlefield
  • Slimelord Glorg's special attack
  • Glob of Slime
  • Fight Slimelord 1
  • Fight Slimelord 2
  • Fight Slimelord 3
  • Fight Slimelord 4

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