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Shadowforged Armor are currently the strongest armors in the game, overtaking Dragonforged Armor on February 25th, 2016. Shadowforged armors, unlike Dragonforged, can be crafted (that is, until December 15th, 2016, when Dragonforged became craftable in Heroic Mode on the NA/Global Servers). To craft a Shadowforged armor, you must collect 12 of each of their respective crafting materials (or, in the case of Seasonal armors, 10). In addition, after upgrading the armor to level 35 (and collecting 12/10 more of the same crafting materials), you can craft the Plus version of the same armor.

For additional details regarding Shadowforged Seasonal Armors, they have been moved; please see this page.

Shadowforged Armor, like Epic Armors, max at level 99. However, they differ from their predecessors in that they have "Ascension" levels. Ascension can be achieved after reaching level 99. Ascension upgrades the abilities of the armor, massively increasing the stats. Ascension requires silver coins, and there are a total of 10 Ascension levels. The amount of Silver Coins differs per level. The cost of every Ascension level, per level, not cumulative, is 1,2,2,2,3,3,4,4,5, and 6, adding up to 32 Silver Coins total. NOTE: this does not apply to the "Eternal" Shadowforged Armors; they have different Ascension requirements for Silver Coins.

Ascension also increases the attack and defense stats for the armor. The amount of stat points (attack and defense) differ based on the armor; some it's 46/44 additional for each Ascension level for the Regular version and 53/50 additional for the Plus version, but others have higher and lower levels. Also, the Special Ability percentage increases, from 8% at the base to 15% at the maximum of 10 Ascension levels. Furthermore, the newest "Eternal" armors have different Ascension level increases as well. See Agni's Eternal and Aeolian Eternal for examples.

Name Elements Release Date How To Obtain Special Ability Maxed Normal Stats Maxed Plus Stats Images
Reaper's Eternal SpiritAir 2017/04/02 Raid bosses Stun ?/? 5100/4471 Reapers Eternal-M-EVO2
Lichborne Archestaff SpiritWater 2017/03/27 Guild Wars Stun 4000/3758 5048/4523 Lichborne Archestaff-M-EVO2
Cosmic Impaler SpiritFire 2017/03/19 Raid bosses Stun 4255/4080 4926/4564 Cosmic Impaler-M-EVO2
Wyrmshroud Eternal SpiritSpirit 2017/03/12 Guild Wars Stun 3822/3820 4843/4612 Wyrmshroud Eternal-M-EVO2
Imperial Guardian SpiritEarth 2017/03/05 Raid bosses Stun 4154/4109 4816/4595 Imperial Guardian-EVO2
Igneous Eternal FireFire 2017/02/27 Guild Wars Stun 4163/4014 4843/4474 Igneous Eternal-M-EVO2
Volcanus Eternal FireEarth 2017/02/20 Raid bosses Stun 4175/3996 4838/4472 Volcanus Eternal-M-EVO2
Eidolon Eternal FireSpirit 2017/02/13 Guild Wars Stun 3716/3709 4715/4490 Eidolon Eternal-M-EVO2
Sinister Eternal FireAir 2017/02/05 Raid bosses Stun 3778/3642 4744/4456 Sinister Eternal
Erebus Eternal WaterWater 2017/01/30 Guild Wars Stun 3870/4084 4523/4549 Erebus Eternal
Dragonvoid Eternal WaterSpirit 2017/01/22 Raid bosses Stun 4295/3654 4978/4088 Dragonvoid Eternal
Crownplate Eternal WaterFire 2017/01/16 Guild Wars Stun 3926/3913 4583/4362 Crownplate Eternal
Wyldwood Eternal WaterEarth 2017/01/08 Raid bosses Stun 4282/3643 4964/4076 Wyldwood Eternal
Blazing Wind-Rider AirFire 2017/01/02 Guild Wars Stun 4071/3858 4634/4410 Imperial dragonscales
Emberstorm Eternal AirFire 2016/12/25 Raid bosses Stun 4125/3504 4791/3923 Emberstorm Eternal
Ivorydrake Eternal AirSpirit 2016/12/19 Guild Wars Stun 3858/3848 4508/4290 Ivorydrake Eternal
Keymaster's Eternal AirWater 2016/12/11 Raid bosses Stun 3824/3854 4443/4325 Keymasters Eternal
Huracan's Eternal AirAir 2016/12/05 Guild Wars Stun 3665/3992 4298/4447 Huracans Eternal
Regium Vipera AirFire 2016/11/26 Chance Chest Stun 4350/3866 4891/4385 Imperial dragonscales
Gosoku Eternal EarthFire 2016/11/28 Raid bosses Stun 3570/3989 4184/4454 Gusoku Eternal
Meditor Eternal EarthEarth 2016/11/21 Guild Wars Stun 4054/3533 4703/3965 Meditor Eternal
Clepsydra Eternal EarthWater 2016/11/14 Raid bosses Stun 3923/3616 4560/4055 Clepsydra Eternal
Chronos Eternal EarthAir 2016/11/07 Guild Wars Stun 3864/3647 4524/4060 Chronos Eternal
Rookplate Eternal AirSpirit 2016/10/30 Raid bosses Stun 4076/3541 4738/3974 Checkered Rookplate
Mandrake Eternal SpiritEarth 2016/10/21 Guild Wars Stun 3585/4005 4212/4471 Mandrake aegis
Manipulator Eternal SpiritFire 2016/10/16 Raid bosses Stun 3943/3617 4593/4057 ManipulatorTime
Aqen's Eternal SpiritWater 2016/10/07 Guild Wars Stun 3869/3664 4541/4078 Aqens void
Agni's Eternal FireSpirit 2016/09/30 Raid bosses Stun 3866/3652 4415/3935 Agnis offering
Aeolian Eternal WaterAir 2016/09/23 Guild Wars Stun 3694/3707 4218/4312 Aeolian abomination
Imperial Eternal FireAir 2016/09/16 Raid bosses Stun 3634/3739 4142/4147 Imperial dragonscales
Silvanus Eternal EarthAir 2016/09/09 Guild Wars Stun 3722/3623 4248/4221 Silvanus stonemail
Gusoku Oni FireEarth 2016/07/22 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3739/3574 4226/4046 Gusoku Oni
Checkered Rookplate AirSpirit 2016/07/15 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3872/3441 4362/3910 Checkered Rookplate
Emberstorm Warvest FireAir 2016/07/?? Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3966/3592 4475/4066 Emberstorm Warvest
Ivorydrake Wargear AirEarth 2016/07/?? Crafting Stun 3804/3799 ?/? Ivorydrake Wargear
Dragonvoid Wargear WaterSpirit 2016/07/?? Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3669/3844 4149/4370 Dragonvoid Wargear
Nocturnal Wyrmshroud SpiritSpirit 2016/06/?? Crafting Stun 3735/3728 ?/? Nocturnal Wyrmshroud
Spectral Elite Starmetal 2016/06/15 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 4146/3957 4673/4467 Spectral vanguard
Igneous Blazemail FireFire 2016/06/13 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3681/3532 4162/4000 Igneous blazemail
Citadel Aegis WaterWater 2016/06/13 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3692/3521 4174/3988 Citadel aegis
Sinister Platemail FireWater 2016/06/13 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3500/3813 3982/4289 Sinister platemail
Tectonic Wyverngarb EarthEarth 2016/06/13 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3720/3593 4205/4067 Tectonic wyverngarb
Tempered Crownplate FireWater 2016/06/09 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3471/3723 3951/4190 Tempered crownplate
Huracan Bladeguard AirAir 2016/05/24 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3658/3516 4136/3982 Huracan bladeguard
Mandrake Aegis SpiritEarth 2016/05/24 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3751/3401 4229/3866 Mandrake aegis
Keymaster Garb WaterAir 2016/05/22 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3639/3493 4116/3957 Keymaster garb
Chronos Regalia AirEarth 2016/05/15 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3410/3722 3883/4189 Chronos regalia
Clepsydra Brassgear WaterEarth 2016/05/10 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3761/3276 4240/3728 Clepsydra brassgear
Manipulator of Time SpiritFire 2016/05/08 Chance Chest, Crafting Stun 3707/3349 4190/3798 ManipulatorTime
Aqen's Void SpiritSpirit 2016/03/24 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3668/3359 4147/3809 Aqens void
Imperial Dragonscales FireAir 2016/03/24 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3342/3655 ?/? Imperial dragonscales
Erebus Ward WaterWater 2016/03/24 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3742/3275 4219/3727 Erebus ward
Silvanus Stonemail EarthEarth 2016/03/24 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3566/3441 4035/3900 Silvanus stonemail
Aeolian Abomination AirAir 2016/02/25 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3587/3370 4058/3821 Aeolian abomination
Agni's Offering FireFire 2016/02/25 Chance Chest, Crafting First Strike 3665/3252 4154/3731 Agnis offering

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