The Shadow Chest is a limited edition chance chest. There are two Shadow Chests.

Old Shadow ChestEdit

Available between Aug 29 and Sept 3. Like all the limited edition chests it costs 30 gems each or 300 for 11 chests.

The shadow chest has 4X chance for legendary, and all rewards are Super rare (**) or higher.

This chest has a chance of getting the new epic armor Tectonic Mantle, but also Blazeborne Vanguard and Moontide Platemail.

Unfortunately it does not seem like it can give the Cloudrange Platemail epic armor.

New Shadow ChestEdit

Available from March 7 2014. It costs 30 gems every chest.

Buying 11 chests at the price of 300 gems you get 5 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors. Buying 40 chests at the price of 999 gems you get 1 Assassin's Shroud + and 20 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors.

The new epic introduced in it is the Arcane Mantle

There's a 3x chance for an epic or a legendary


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