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Season 6 introduced Dragonforged Armors on the european server on the 1st of November, 2016

Background story Edit

During the days that the brave knights went deeper and deeper into dungeons and conquered more and more of the land, special artifacts, left behind by ancient dragons were discovered, and they became powerful crafting materials for armor. The young alchemist Kimble was fascinated by these artifacts - they possessed little weight, but were harder, more durable and ultimately stronger than any material that could be produced by forges or even with magic.

Kimble started obsessing over combining dragon materials into even lighter, yet harder materials, to create an ultimate element for armor forging. Striving to find the right formula for this new dragon material, he visited his master, the legendary Alchemist Shion-Po.

"I want to create a new element, master! I want it to be the absolute essence of all dragon materials - the one thing that binds and unites them, and makes the armor forged out of dragon materials so powerful!"

Shion-Po took out a burner from an old dusted shelf. Without a word he turned it on, and his laboratory lit up with a spectacularly pale flame, that drowned everything in a ghostly shade of violet. "The secret to extracting the essence of a material is the heat. You will not achieve your goal by simply fusing or separating dragon materials - you must burn it with enough heat to give it its own life - so that it evolves into a new being like a caterpillar into a butterfly. This is a spirit flame, one than can only burn in the darkest places, and one that will feed upon the will to battle for power and for dear life as long as it is still strong in our lands."

The alchemists spend two moon cycles experimenting, and with the richly burning ghostly flame of Shion-Po they created the pure essence of dragon materials: Dragon Souls. Bathed in the light of the spirit flame, the two alchemists collapsed as their own candles of life were about to go out from exhaustion - and so they gave birth to the first Dragon Soul, a material, that was so difficult to extract, that it nearly cost the alchemists their life, forged by a flame that feeds on the power of everyone near it.

Made out of pale light and the spirits of the ancient dragons - it's inherent force can even be enhanced by equipping special rings and amulets with it, that were worn during the rituals to extract the Dragon Souls.

Armors Edit



Crafting Material Maxed normal stats

Maxed plus stats


Elite Twilight Carapace SpiritSpirit 10 Dragon Soulstones 3347/3476
Twilight carapace
Twilight Carapace SpiritSpirit 10 Dragon Souls 2954/3083 3144/3286
Twilight carapace
Mastodon's Embrace FireAir 10 Dragon Souls 3066/2971 3267/3163
Mastodons embrace
Erinyes Fury AirWater 10 Dragon Souls 3071/2966 3273/3157
Erinyes fury
Haoma Robes SpiritEarth 10 Dragon Souls 3079/2958 3281/3148
Haoma robes
Deepsea Destroyer WaterEarth 10 Dragon Souls 3123/2914 3330/3100
Deapsea destroyed
Emissary's Soulguard FireSpirit 10 Dragon Souls 2867/3170 3048/3382
Emissarys soulguard

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