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Season 2 introduced Dragonforged Armors on the european server on the 7th of June 2016.

 Background story Edit

"No one believes me anyway"... mumbled an old drunkard, stepping into The Blunted Blade, his favorite tavern. The place was full of knights trying to rest after tiresome adventuring in the outer realms of the kingdom. The famous local brew filled every cup, as stories of battle and glory were proudly shared. The old drunkard sat down and demanded a cup. For once, he was able to pay – though not with coin. As the innkeeper picked up the object, the room fell silent as if by some mystical power. From the back of the room, voices became clear and formed questions: "Where did he find it?” and "Could it be?"

Everyone’s attention was focused on the object – it looked like a shining horn. The only one who knew where it came from, continued staring at the bottom of his cup. One of the others, a wise looking old man with a heavily scarred face, stood and started with a deep voice: "If this is indeed the horn of the infamous dragon Tuncay then we might be one step closer to the place of his death – it’s as though we were all brought here for the same reason. The legend says that these horns were the source of the immense power of the dragon. With this material in the hands of our best blacksmiths, who knows what armors could be made."

The room was suddenly a hive of activity as everyone geared up and made ready to leave. "Now we just need to get the information out of that drunk fellow over there" said one of the knights. In front of the tavern sat a bucket of ice cold water and, in the blink of an eye, its contents were emptied on the poor unsuspecting man. With a startled grunt, he awoke from his drunken stupor and was instantly overwhelmed by a siege of questions. "Back in the woods..." he muttered. "I stumbled into a hole in the ground." Several of the drunken knights burst into laughter but he continued on: "This hole led me to an underground network of corridors which lead in a big cave looking like a graveyard. And there it was. That's all I know." Without even waiting for the last word to be spoken, the group of knights strutted away.

3 weeks later, the news was the talk of the taverns. The knights had found it, piles of horns that had once graced the majestic countenance of Tuncay the Dragon, now broken down to be processed into the strongest armors the kingdom had ever seen. The knights made them available in realm chests for everyone to get. But there are also a significant number still in the graveyard, sparking Guild Wars and a merciless Arena for the strongest of knights.

Armors Edit



Crafting Material Maxed normal stats

Maxed plus stats


Pyrewind Archmail FireAir 10 Dragon Horns 2653/2813 2813/2993
Pyrewind archmail
Harmonic Battlegear AirWater 10 Dragon Horns 2654/2816 2814/2992
Harmonic battlegear
Venomous Vanguard SpiritEarth 10 Dragon Horns 2840/2630 3019/2788
Venomous vanguard
Asgardian Wargear EarthWater 10 Dragon Horns 2669/2801 2830/2976
Asgardian wargear
Darkscale Battlegear SpiritFire 10 Dragon Horns 2873/2597 3055/2751
Darkscale Battlegear

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