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Season 1 introduced Dragonforged Armors on the european server on the 1st of June 2016.

Background story Edit

There is a legend that goes back to a time when dragons ruled the world and only five knights had the strength and the courage to fight them: they were called the Dragon Knights.

Their power came from their extraordinary armors made of the most precious materials that could be found in the ancient world - Dragonforged Armors they called them. They started hunting dragons one by one, but when they decided to fight Tiamat, the Lord of all the Dragons, the time for those mighty Knights came to an end.

In a glorious battle the Dragon Knights were defeated and their Dragonforged Armors smelted into the shape of common gold coins and mixed with all the treasures that the dragons were protecting. But now the Guilds of the realm have found Tiamat’s secret and the war for the Dragonforged Armors has begun. Will you be able to find enough Dragon Coins to craft one?

To get them defeat the other guilds and the Raid Bosses who are protecting Tiamat’s treasures or beat other knights that are seeking them in the tournaments. Or will you find one in one of the realm chests?

Armors Edit



Crafting Material Maxed normal stats

Maxed plus stats


Prehistoric Huntsguard AirEarth 10 Dragon Coins 2503/2746 2637/2894

Prehistoric huntsguard

Tomistian Vanguard EarthFire 10 Dragon Coins 2717/2532 2862/2669
Tomistian vanguard
Forsaken Firesheath FireWater 10 Dragon Coins 2593/2656 2736/2795
Forsaken firesheath
Mistral Valoris AirSpirit 10 Dragon Coins 2577/2672 2719/2813
Mistral valoris
Mystic's Mantle SpiritWater 10 Dragon Coins 2688/2561 2830/2701
Mystics mantle

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