Season 10 introduced Dragonforged Armors on the european server on the 1st of March, 2017


Name Elements Crafting Material Maxed normal stats Maxed plus stats Images
ELITE Alicorn Aegis FireAir 10 Dragon Spikes 3677/3533 3834/3676
Alicorn aegis
Stellular Armament WaterWater 10 Dragon Essences 3034/3421 3232/3658
Stellular armament
Sundae Best FireSpirit 10 Dragon Essences 3306/3440 3531/3679
Sundae best
Ruinous Bonegarb SpiritEarth 10 Dragon Essences 3508/3238 3753/3456
Ruinous boneguard
Mistwalker's Shroud AirWater 10 Dragon Essences 3575/3171 3827/3383
Mistwalkers shroud

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