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The Royal Skeleton Raid is the Sixth Guild Raid Boss. It starts on October 31st and ended on November 3rd, 2014.

The main reward for this Raid is the Royal Battlegear, which is a Spirit/Fire Epic Armor. This is the first Dual Element Raid ever released, as all Mono Element Raid Bosses have been used.

The Death Knights got the + Version of the Royal Battlegear.

The guilds that rank #2-10 get the Normal Version of the Royal Battlegear.

The guilds that ranks #11-25 get the Dragonborn Aegis.


Rank Ribbon Rewards
#1 Black Medal Royal Battlegear+, 8 Dark Prince's Keys, 10 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 150 Gems
#2 Gold Medal  1 Royal Battlegear, 6 Dark Prince's keys, 8 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 120 Gems
#3 Silver Medal Royal Battlegear, 5 Dark Prince's Keys, 7 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 100 Gems
#4-10 Bronze Medal Royal Battlegear, 4 Dark Prince's Key, 6 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 70 Gems
#11-25 Ribbon A Dragonborn Aegis, 3 Dark Prince's Key, 5 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 30 Gems
#26-50 Ribbon B Lilith's Mantle+, 2 Dark Prince's Key, 3 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 15 Gems
#51-100 Ribbon C 1  Lilith's Mantle, 1 Dark Prince's Key, 2 Fire Fusion Boost Armors and 10 Gems
#101-250 Ribbon D 1  Lilith's Mantle, 9 Fusion Stones, 1 Dark Prince's Key and 500,000 Gold
#251-500 Ribbon E Lilith's Mantle, 6 Fusion Stones and 400,000 Gold
#501-750 Ribbon F Dark Prince's Royal Armors, 3 Fusion Stones  and 350,000 Gold
#751-1,000 Ribbon G Dark Prince's Royal Armor, 3 Fusion Stones and 300,000 Gold
#1,001-1,500 Ribbon H Dark Prince's Royal Armor, 3 Fusion Stones and 250,000 Gold
#1,501-2,500 Ribbon I Dark Prince's Royal Armor, 2 Fusion Stones and 200,000 Gold
#2,501-3,500 Ribbon J Dark Prince's Royal Armor and 2 Fusion Stones
#3,501-5,000 Ribbon K Fusion Stones and 75,000 Gold
#5,001, 6,500 Ribbon L Fusion Stones and 50,000 Gold
#6,500-8,000 Ribbon M Fusion Stones and 25,000 Gold

Winners of the Raid BossEdit

iOS: Rainbow Party

Android: Death Knights

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