Referral Frenzy Banner

Referral Frenzy is an event that temporarily changes the rewards that are given for referring friends to the game. Referral Frenzy lasts from November 21st until November 29th. The final reward is the Epic Armor Blazeborne Vanguard.

Referral Frenzy RewardsEdit

Friends Referred Rewards
1 Rageborne Raiment
3 Storm Sorcerer
8 Wicked Wraith
15 Soulshard Raiment
30 Blazeborne Vanguard

Event NotesEdit

  • The Referral Frenzy is a limited time Referral event.
  • It takes place from November 21st to November 29th, 2013.
  • Its rewards are listed above.

Please be reminded that you are only allowed to post friend codes on the Share:Friend Code page.

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