Plague Rat is the material dropped by the Epic Boss Pestilence. This Epic Boss can be fought in the Proving Grounds during its time and in the Summoning Stone if you defeated it at level 1 during its time. Plague Rats are used to craft the Legendary Armor Pestilence Mantle.


Defeating Pestilence at the Summoning Stone:

  • 2 Plague Rat

Defeating pestilence at the Proving Grounds:

  • From level 2 to level 20 you get 1 Plague Rat
  • At level 1 and from level 21 to level 46 you get 2 Plague Rats
  • From level 47 to level 59 you get 3 Plague Rats
  • From level 60 you get 4 Plague Rats.

You also get Plague Rats by defeating pestilence at level 1, 3, 6 and 15

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