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New Epic Boss Armors

Starting on July 12th, 2016, a new Epic Boss reward system was introduced with the returning Epic Boss Magician, allowing players to reach a new level in the Epic Boss reward tiers and the ability to craft the ++ version of the Epic Boss Armors. After an initial revamp on October 5th, 2016 (that included up to 100 levels in the reward tiers), on November 3rd, 2016, a new revamp has taken place that shows up to 200 levels in the reward tiers.

As before, after collecting enough materials (normally by reaching level 30 -- formerly level 20), you can craft the regular version of the armor. Then, after collecting enough materials a second time (now after reaching level 60 - formerly 40) and upgrading your regular version of the armor to level 35, you can craft the + version of the armor.

The ++ version can be crafted after collecting enough materials (normally after reaching level 85, or by having materials from the first time the Epic Boss appeared) and upgrading your + version to level 10.

These new reward tiers seem to change periodically on the rewards given, but they generally include Fusion Stones, Dark Prince's Chest keys and Champion's Chest keys along with higher level Pets and pet-hunting materials.

New Epic Boss ArmorsEdit

Name Elements Release Date How To Obtain Maxed Reg Stats Maxed + Stats Maxed ++ Stats Images
Orcus Blazegear FireEarth 2017/02/22 Epic Boss 1817/1699 1988/1977 2186/2373
Orcus blazegear
Bolstered Ironstrait WaterSpirit 2017/02/15 Epic Boss 1849/1535 2024/1795 2222/2193
Bolstered ironstrait
Infernal Devilplate Fire 2017/02/08 Epic Boss 1793/1551 1962/1815 2160/2211
Keratin Featherguard Air 2017/02/01 Epic Boss 1532/1722 1793/1885 2090/2182
Keratin featherguard
Dybbuk Shroud Spirit 2017/01/25 Epic Boss, Fusion 1724/1460 1896/1705 2193/2002
Dybbuk Shroud
Mask of the Swamp Water 2017/01/18 Epic Boss 1545/1859 1807/2036 2104/2333
Mask of the swamp
Vaporous Mistmail AirWater 2017/01/11 Epic Boss 1731/1733 1893/1994 N/A / N/A
Vaporous Mistmail
Grovekeeper's Robes Earth 2017/01/04 Epic Boss 1534/1780 1795/1949 2092/2246
Gravekeepers Robes
Count's Regalia Spirit 2016/12/28 Epic Boss 1605/1689 1765/1956 2062/2253
Counts Regalia
Illuminated Yulegear EarthWater 2016/12/21 Epic Boss 1721/1763 1893/2038 2190/2335
Illuminated Yulegear
Nutcracker's Vengeance FireWater 2016/12/14 Epic Boss 1852/1652 2027/1926 2225/2322
Nutcrackers Vengeance
Frosted Faeplate Air 2016/12/07 Epic Boss 1837/1637 2010/1909 2208/2305
Frosted Faeplate
Shaderoot Shroud SpiritEarth 2016/11/30 Epic Boss 1796/1678 1964/1933 2261/2230
Shaderoot Shroud
Dryope's Vengeance Earth 2016/11/23 Epic Boss 1798/1736 1977/2008 2274/2305
Dryopes vengeance
Grizzly Tideclaws EarthWater 2016/11/16 Epic Boss 1794/1530 2062/1692 2161/2187
Billabong Battlegear
Mechanized Vanguard Spirit Earth 2016/11/09 Epic Boss 1648/1686 1812/1953 2109/2250
Mechanized Vanguard
Anzû's Call FireWater 2016/11/02 Epic Boss 1555/1809 1819/1980 2116/2277
Anzus call
Mask of the Lantern FireSpirit 2016/10/26 Epic Boss 1870/1554 2047/1818 2245/2214
Mask of the lantern
Mask of the Reaper AirEarth 2016/10/19 Epic Boss 1648/1766 1812/2041 2109/2338
Mask of the reaper
Mask of Salem FireEarth 2016/10/12 Epic Boss 1855/1539 2030/1801 2228/2197
Mask of salem
Baphomet's Chosen AirSpirit 2015/10/05 Epic Boss 1828/1526 2000/1787 2198/2183
Baphomets chosen
Wonderous Waistcoat FireAir 2016/09/28 Epic Boss 1777/1657 1944/1931 2142/2327
Wonderous Waistcoat
Ascalaphus' Featherrobe Air 2016/09/21 Epic Boss 1646/1728 1810/1999 2107/2296
Ascalaphus featherrobe
Tarnished Spiremail EarthWater 2015/09/14 Epic Boss, Fusion 1488/1726 1745/1888 2042/2185
Tarnished Spiremail
Tusked Duelgear FireEarth 2016/09/07 Epic Boss, Fusion 1705/1559 1964/1724 2063/2219
Tusked duelgear
Scarab Carapace EarthAir 2016/08/31 Epic Boss, Fusion 1380/1794 1518/2072 1815/2369
Scarab Carapace
Skeletal Screamplate FireSpirit 2016/08/24 Epic Boss, Fusion 1737/1497 1999/1656 2098/2151
Skeletal screamplate
Fragmented Prismgarb AirWater 2016/08/16 Epic Boss, Fusion 1501/1743 1661/2006 2057/2204
Fragmented prismgarb
Twilight Ripperguard Water 2016/08/11 Epic Boss, Fusion 1519/1755 1778/1921 2075/2218
Twilight Ripperguard
Selkic Seacloak Water 2016/08/02 Epic Boss, Fusion 1610/1448 1878/1691 2175/1988
Selkic Seacloak
Cinderspike Regalia FireEarth 2016/07/26 Epic Boss, Fusion 1308/1840 1547/2014 1844/2311
Cinderspike Regalia
Galeforce Wargear Air 2016/07/19 Epic Boss, Fusion 1506/1534 1765/1785 2062/2082
Galeforce Wargear
Conjured Battlegear WaterSpirit 2016/07/12 Epic Boss, Fusion 1536/1496 1788/1753 1986/2149
Conjoured Battlegear


  • If the existing list of Epic Bosses is maintained, all of the previous Epic Boss Armors will have been re-used within just over a year. In other words, if a new Epic Boss appears every week as usual, Thunderbird (who gives materials for crafting the Avian Stormguard) would be reappearing on October 17th, 2017.
  • Based on the total stat increase per armor from the + version of the previous Epic Boss armors to the new ++ version, there is a 594 point increase between attack and defense. Also, the combined base stats for the ++ version are exactly 6 stat points higher than the + version (1/5, 2/4, 3/3, etc.). Thanks to SDMarukokun for filling in some of the details.
  • If that rate of increase from the + to its ++ counterpart remains the same, the combined stats for the Avian Stormguard++ would be 4855, or about 720 total stat points higher than Conjured Battlegear++. This comes out to about 2427.5 each for attack and defense. These stats are just shy of 100 total stat points behind the strongest Epic Armor available, the Dread-pirate Finery, which has a combined stat of 4952.

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