Nerezza the Assassin Banner

Nerezza the Assassin was a Spirit/Earth Epic Boss from Aug 8th to Aug 14th, 2013. It dropped Dagger Shards when defeated, 50 of which are used to craft Assassin's Shroud.

Nerezza's Nemesis could be obtained from the Dark Prince's Chest during the event.

Nerezza the Assassin


  • Nerezza Bonus Epic Energy
  • Nerezza's Nemesis Banner
  • Nerezza's Nemesis from Dark Prince's Chest
  • Event window
  • Nerezza the Assassin unlocked at Summoning Stone
  • Dagger Shard
  • Nerezza the Assassin in the battlefield
  • Fight Nerezza 1
  • Fight Nerezza 2
  • Fight Nerezza 3
  • Fight Nerezza 4
  • Fight Nerezza 5
  • Fight Nerezza 6