Krampus banner


Krampus is a Water/Fire Element Epic Boss that runs from the 18th of December to the 25th of December. Krampus drops Evil Fur when defeated which are used to craft Krampus's Mantle when you collect 50 pieces.

Krampus's Nemesis, the Nemesis armor of this boss, will be available in the Dark Prince's Chest for the duration of this Epic Boss. This is the second of three Epic Bosses part of the Winter Kings event. Krampus has 10% higher stats compared to regular Epic Bosses after Level 15.


Level Rewards
Level 1 7 Evil Fur, 5,000 Gold and 5 Epic Energy
Level 3 Seafoam Armor and 3 Silver Keys
Level 6 12 Evil Fur, 5 Epic Energy and 4 Seafoam Armor
Level 10 7,500 Gold and 3 Atlantean Avenger Armor
Level 15 15 Evil Fur - you can now craft Krampus's Mantle
Level 21 10 Seafoam Armor, 1 Fusion Stone and 1 Gem
Level 28 15,000 Gold, 10 Epic Energy and 3 Enchanted Keys
Level 35 10 Atlantean Avenger Armor and 3 Gems
Level 43 30,000 Gold and 5 Enchanted Keys

  • You will now have enough materials to craft the boss armor again.
  • You will be able to craft the plus version after leveling the original armor to Level 35.
Level 51 15 Atlantean Avenger Armor and 3 Fusion Stones
Level 60 10 Enchanted Keys, 5 Dark Prince Keys and 5 Gems


  • Krampus's Banner
  • Krampus on the map
  • Krampus's MantleGo to Krampus's Mantle
  • Epic Boss Krampus Preparing special attack
  • Epic Boss Krampus Using Special
  • Krampus at summons stone. Note: Glacius already available and is Earth/wind.


  • In Germanic folklore, Krampus is a horned creature who punishes naughty children by capturing them around the Christmas season.
  • Despite the amount in the basket on his back, Krampus does not drop Fusion Boost Armors. In terms of folklore, the Fusion Boost Armors represent the children he captures.