Kingdom of darkness

Kingdom of darkness as shown on map

Kingdom of darkness is the sixteenth and last stage. Its boss on the epic stage is The Dark Prince.

Unlike the other stages, every round has 4-5 minions and a boss.

The bosses are:

  1. Normal stage: Earthquake Serpent, Water Elemental, Nerezza the Assassin
  2. Mighty stage: Crimson Dragon, Mighty Mammoth Rider, Dorar the Fallen
  3. Valor stage: Waterio, Cockatrice, Chimera
  4. Honor stage: Phoenix, Hydra, Ghostbeard
  5. Epic stage: Swamp Kraken, The Roc God, Cerberus, The Dark Prince (2 forms)

All bosses are stronger than in the previous stages.

In older versions, there was an alternative with 7 rounds, where the last round has the boss.

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