Jian's Battlegear
Jians Battlegear
Rarity Legendary Legendary
Elements FireWater
Maximum level 70
Craftable Yes
Fusable Yes
Level to unlock plus 35
Evolution levels 12 & 35
Match No match
Enhancement points 90 72
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials 50 Fused Feathers
Regular Attack trans 366 +10 Attack trans 1056 Materials found from Twin Jian
Defense trans 315 +7 Defense trans 798 Materials location Epic Boss
Plus Attack trans 403 +12 Attack trans 1231 Crafting cost 75,000 gold
Defense trans 348 +10 Defense trans 1038 Crafting time 6 hours


Jian's Battlegear is a Fire/Water Legendary armor that could be crafted from Fused Feathers dropped by the Epic Boss Twin Jian. It used to be one of the most used and valuable armors in the game before Epics were released. This armor is effective against Spirit/Fire, but ineffective against Water/Air armors.

How to obtainEdit