Hunting Grounds Edit

The Hunting Grounds is an area on the maps where a player can use bait to catch pets. The quality of the pet that the bait attracts depends on the quality of bait used. Furthermore the grounds can be upgraded using gold and silver coins to increase chances for higher rarity pets.

Bait Edit

To find pets you need bait. Bait current comes in 4 forms, Blended Seed, Mixed Berry, Assorted Bean and Multicolored Pepper. These can be found as a drop item during battling or purchased for gems at 1, 10, 25 and 49 gems respectively.

  • Blended Seed- Uncommon. Used to attract Common and Uncommon pets. It attracts 2 pets at a time, and has a small chance of attracting a Rare pet. Costs 1 Gem.
  • Mixed Berry- Rare. Used to attract Common to Rare pets. It attracts 3 pets, at least one will be Rare. There is a small chance that a Super Rare pet will appear. Costs 10 Gems.
  • Assorted Bean- Super Rare. Used to attract common to Super Rare pets. A rare pet is guaranteed and there is a small chance for an Ultra Rare pet to appear. Costs 25 Gems. *Assorted beans are farm-able at Haunted Citadel and Kingdom of Darkness at all stages using a pet with the loot sense ability.
    • Approximate Drop Rate for Assorted beans
Rarity Drops/Trials Drop Percentage
Ultra Rare 1/102 1%
Super Rare 25/102 25%
Rare 90/102 86%
uncommon 100/102 ~100%
  • Multicolored Pepper- Ultra Rare. Used to attract common to Ultra rare pets. A super rare pet is guaranteed and there is a small chance at an Ultra rare pet to appear. Costs 49 Gems. Originally it was 99 gems, but the price was dropped to 49 gems.

Pets and bait follow the same rating system as the rest of the game, however so far only pets up to Legendary rarity are available, while baits only go up to Ultra Rare rarity.

Ground Upgrades Edit

The hunting grounds can be upgraded which increases the players chance to get better pets when hunting.

  • Upgrades 1-5 increases the chances to attract Uncommon pets by 2% per upgrade.
  • Upgrades 6-10 increases the chances to attract Rare pets by 2% per upgrade.
  • Upgrades 11-15 increases the chances to attract Super Rare pets by 2% per upgrade.
  • Upgrades 16-20 increases the chances to attract Ultra Rare pets by 2% per upgrade.


Rarity 2% 4% 6% 8% 10%
Uncommon 25,000 gold 75,000 gold 150,000 gold 275,000 gold 400,000 gold, 5 silver coins

500,000 gold, 6 silver coins

600,000 gold, 7 silver coins

700,000 gold, 8 silver coins

800,000 gold, 9 silver coins

1,000,000 gold, 10 silver coins
Super Rare 1,500,000 gold, 11 silver coins 2,250,000 gold, 12 silver coins 3,000,000 gold, 13 silver coins 4,000,000 gold, 14 silver coins 5,000,000 gold, 15 silver coins
Ultra Rare 6,000,000 gold, 16 silver coins 7,000,000 gold, 17 silver coins 8,000,000 gold, 18 silver coins 9,000,000 gold, 19 silver coins 10,000,000 gold, 20 silver coins

Rewards Edit

There are currently no rewards, and no rewards have been revealed yet, as there haven't been any events up till the current time.

Leaderboards Edit

As there haven't been any events yet, there is no leaderboards on the current record.

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