Hinkypunk was a Spirit/Air Element Epic Boss that lasted from April 29, 2015, to May 6, 2015.

Hinkypunk drops the item Hinkypunk Lamp, which can used to craft Hinkypunk Robes after obtaining 50 Hinkypunk Lamps.

Hinkypunk's Nemesis was available in the Dark Prince's Chest for the duration of this boss.


Level Rewards
Level 1 4 Hinkypunk Lamps, 5,000 Gold, 5 Epic Boss Energy
Level 3 3 Silver Keys, 4 Mystic Armor
Level 6 12 Hinkypunk Lamps, 5 Epic Boss Energy, 4 Mystic Armor
Level 10 15,000 Gold, 5 Chimera Corps Uniform
Level 15 You can now craft Hinkypunk Robes
Level 21 15 Chimera Corps Uniform, 1 Gem, 3 Fusion Stones
Level 28
Level 35
Level 43
  • You will now have enough materials to craft the boss armor again
  • You will be able to craft the plus version after leveling the original armor to level 35
Level 51
Level 60


  • Hinkypunks are another name for will o' the wisps, ghost lights that often appear over swamps, bogs, and marshes.
  • Hinkypunks appear in the Harry Potter series as creatures wreathed in wispy smoke. They have the tendency to lure travelers off into swamps at night, disguised as lamp-bearing beings.

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