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Gigavis is a Mono Wind Element Epic Boss that runs from June 30th to July 7th. Gigavis drops Gigavis Beaks when defeated which are used to craft Keratin Featherguard when you collect 50 pieces.

Gigavis' Nemesis, the Nemesis Armor of this boss, will be available in the Dark Prince's Chest for the duration of this Epic Boss.


Level Rewards
Level 1 7 Gigavis Beaks, 5,000 Gold and 5 Epic Energy
Level 3 Wing Warrior's Armor and 3 Silver Keys
Level 6 12 Gigavis Beaks, 5 Epic Energy and 4 Wing Warrior's Armor
Level 10 7,500 Gold and 3 Crius Armor
Level 15 15 Gigavis Beaks, You can now craft Keratin Featherguard
Level 21 15 Crius Armor , 1 Fusion Stone and 1 Gem And a 3* Wind Ring
Level 28 15,000 Gold, 10 Epic Energy and 5 Enchanted Keys 15 Crius Armor and a 3* Wind Amulet
Level 35 Monstrous Garb and 3 Gems
Level 43 30,000 Gold and 5 Enchanted Keys and 5 Monstrous Garb

  • You will now have enough materials to craft the boss armor again.
  • You will be able to craft the plus version after levelling the original armor to Level 35.
Level 51 10 Monstrous Garb and 3 Fusion Stones
Level 60 10 Enchanted Keys, 5 Dark Prince Keys and 5 Gems and 3 Rocfeather Robes


  • Gigavis' name, language-wise, means "Large strength".
    • Giga is derived from the Greek word for "giant". Vis is a Latin word meaning "power" or "strength".
  • This boss's appearance, a large goose, could be an allusion to its name, as geese, especially domestic geese, are among the most aggressive of domestic birds. This behavior allows it to be a suitable guard for security purposes.


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