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This is the article about Gems. If you want to see the other type of currency, go to Gold.

Gems are the rare type of currency in the game. Their main use is to speed up the process of crafting armor, finishing buildings and expansions, etc.




  • You can buy Gems with real money at the Shop
    • There is also a discount pack containing Gold as well.

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  • Gems not leaving when I got a refund

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    • LOL, you are my hero for not having already spent them all...looks like you got yourself some free gems.
    • I would spend n spend till they take me away. Oh n pix or it didn't happen :p
  • How do gem dates work?

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    • Hi all, im wondering how gem sales work, for me, today is the 5th of May, and the gem sale that just came out ends on the 6th of May, so will ...
    • Depends on your Time zone and when it came out. For example: If the gem event came out around 2pm(pst) may 5. Then it will end 2pm(pst) may 6.

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