This is the article about Gems. If you want to see the other type of currency, go to Gold.

Gems are the rare type of currency in the game. Their main use is to speed up the process of crafting armor, finishing buildings and expansions, etc.


Leaderboard Ribbon (4-250 Gems)

Milestone Rewards (4, 6, 10 Gems)

Enchanted Chest (5-15 Gems)

(Day 5: 3, 6, 10 Gems)

Victory Rewards (1, 3, 5 Gems)

(10-150 Gems)

  • Leveling Up

(1 Gem)

  • Offers


(1-5 Gems)

  • Shop Purchase

(10-1800 Gems)

  • Video Offers

(1 Gem)



  • You can buy Gems with real money at the Shop
    • There is also a discount pack containing Gold as well.

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