Starting on May 18th, 2016, Dragonforged became fusible from combinations with Epic and Dragonforged Armors.

NOTE: As of late February, 2017, all Dragonforged armors became fusable, by either combining two Dragonforged armors or by (very rarely) combining two Epic armors. This has effectively made it useless to further maintain this page. Resulting elements from the combine do not necessarily match on the resulting armor. For instance, combining Malicious Ragemail (Fire/Water) with Keeper's Gemplate (Water/Earth) resulted in Swiftscale Regalia (mono Air).

When this fusion system first became available, levels from prior enhancement did not carry over into the resulting armor (level 15 Malicious and level 12 Keeper's resulted in level 1 Swiftscale), however this has since been corrected.

Initially only a few Dragonforged armors were fusable (see list below), however since all are now fusable, there is no need to update this list further.

Fusable Armors

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