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Epic Energy is needed to battle the enormous Epic Bosses that appear each week. Ten can be obtained at a maximum (without purchasing additional), although you can only use a total of eight points in a battle, to fight with three of your Knights and two hired friends.

Methods of ObtainingEdit

  • Every 25 minutes, 1 Epic Energy is recharged. (10 Epic Energy require 4:10 hours.) This changed with the advent of Abominable Snowman. before that Epic Boss the counter recharged 1 EE every 30 minutes.
  • Occasionally, 5 Epic Energy is dropped upon the death of Epic Boss, independent of Special Attack deaths.
  • The rewards for completing the 1st and the 6th Epic Boss includes 5 Epic Energy. Similarly, 10 Epic Energy are rewarded on the 28th Epic Boss.
  • Epic Energy can be purchased with Gems:
Epic Energy Costs (Gems)
10 10
20 18


50 40

Amount needed per knightEdit

Amount of Knights Used Points Needed Time Waited Bonus Damage Gained
Single Knight 3 1 Hour, 15 Minutes 0
Two Knights 5 2 Hours, 05 Minutes +25%
Three Knights 6 2 Hours, 30 Minutes +50%
Four Knights 7 2 Hours, 55 Minutes +75%
Five Knights 8 3 Hours, 20 Minutes +100%

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