On the European server the Dragonforged armors are released in seasons. Every season comes with new Dragonforged Armors and a crafting material that can be used to craft one of those armors. The first season material is the Dragon Coin and ten of them are needed to craft a Dragonforged Season 1 Armor. After upgrading a Dragonforged armor up to level 35, the Plus version can be forged with ten additional materials (Dragon Coins, Dragon Horns, etc.).


Season When Material
I June 2016 Dragon Coins
II July 2016 Dragon Horns
III August 2016 Dragon Flames
IV September 2016 Dragon Pearls
V October 2016 Dragon Tears / Dragon Tearscales
VI November 2016 Dragon Souls / Dragon Soulstones
VII December 2016 Dragon Crystals / Dragon Charms
VIII January 2017 Dragon Breaths / Dragon Hailstones
IX February 2017 Dragon Stones / Dragon Feathers
X March 2017 Dragon Essences / Dragon Spikes
XI April 2017 Dragon Elixirs / Dragon Wraiths

The crafting materials can be found in the PVP Tournaments, Guild Wars, Raid Bosses and Chance Chests.

Once a material has been released it will be always available in the game and, unlike Heroic Mode, the armors can be always crafted in the Armorsmith.

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