Dragonforged are currently the rarest/strongest armors in the European server overtaking Epic armor on 1st June 2016 using a seasons system. Each "Season" follows a calendar month, starting with Season 1 in June, Season 2 in July, etc.

Each Season has its own materials:

  • Season I (Jun 2016): Dragon Coin
  • Season II (Jul 2016): Dragon Horn
  • Season III (Aug 2016): Dragon Flame
  • Season IV (Sept 2016): Dragon Pearl
  • Season V (Oct 2016): Dragon Tear / Dragon Tearscale
  • Season VI (Nov 2016): Dragon Soul / Dragon Soulstone
  • Season VII (Dec 2016): Dragon Charm / Dragon Crystal
  • Season VIII (Jan 2017): Dragon Breath / Dragon Hailstone
  • Season IX (Feb 2017): Dragon Stone / Dragon Feather
  • Season X (Mar 2017): Dragon Essence / Dragon Spike
  • Season XI (Apr 2017): Dragon Elixir / Dragon Wraith

A set of armor can be crafted after collecting 10 of a given crafting material per season. A plus version of the armor can be crafted with 10 more crafting materials, and after upgrading the normal version to level 35. The resources to make them can be collected from the Arena, Guild Wars, Raid bosses and Chance Chests.

The maximum level for Dragonforged Armors is 105. Starting around May 11th, 2017, EU Players can now fuse/combine their Dragonforged into Seasonal Shadowforged.

NOTE: On July 12th, 2017, this type of fusion was no longer offered in-game.

Heroic Mode and other Dragonforged Armors have now been included in a separate tab.

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