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Name Elements Base Stats Max Stats Combined Stats PIC
Basic Earth Armor Earth 72/88 130/146 276 BasicEarthArmor
Basic Earth Armor+ 80/97 138/155 293

Basic Water Armor

Water 80/80 138/138 276 BasicWaterArmor
Basic Water Armor+ 88/88 175/175 350

Basic Fire Armor

Fire 80/64 138/122 260 BasicFireArmor
Basic Fire Armor+ 88/71 233/158 391

Basic Air Armor

Air 88/72 117/130 247 BasicAirArmor
Basic Air Armor+ 97/80 155/167 322

Basic Spirit Armor

Spirit 84/84  142/142 284 BasicSpiritArmor
Basic Spirit Armor+ 93/93 180/180 360

How To ObtainEdit

  • Craft With Required Materials (shards)


  • You Need 3 Shards of an Element Type To Craft
  • It is not Recommended To Level Up, As It Is Super Weak
  • Spirit is the strongest while Earth is the weakest

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