For Rare Armors, getting the required materials to craft them involves using a special attack on the boss in a given stage; however, these armor bestow the powers of two different elements, which can be both effective and ineffective, depending on your foe.

These armors each take 2 hours to craft, and have a max level of 50. The Plus (+) versions of Rare armors become available after upgrading the Regular version to level 15. These armors can also be found in Chance Chests, like the Dark Prince's Chest and given as rewards in Arena after a specific streak is met or milestone achieved.

All Rare armors have more then one element, and all Rare non-plus armor can be fused.

Name Elements Base Stats Max Stats Combined Stats Pic
Snakeskin Armor WaterEarth 153/170 447/611 1058 SnakeskinArmor
Snakeskin Armor+ 168/189 511/777 1288
Atlantean Avenger Armor WaterAir 187/170 579/611 1190 AtlanteanAvengerArmor
Atlantean Avenger Armor+ 207/189 746/777 1523
Crius Armor EarthAir 187/187 579/677 1256 Crius Armor-Head
Crius Armor+ 206/206 696/794 1490
Chimera Corps Uniform SpiritEarth 153/179 447/620 1067 ChimeraCorpsUniform
Chimera Corps Uniform+ 168/198 511/737 1248
Living Flame Armor FireSpirit 170/179 611/620 1231 Living Flame Armor-Head
Living Flame Armor+ 189/198 777/737 1514
Hydra Hunter's Mail WaterFire 170/187 611/628 1239 Hydra Hunters Mail-Head
Hydra Hunter's Mail+ 189/207 777/795 1572
Fusion Only/Chest Only Armor
Flamestorm Finery AirFire 273/210 616/504 1120 Flamestorm Finery-Head
Flamestorm Finery+ 302/231 792/574 1366
Volcanic Mantle EarthFire 177/150 373/346 719 VolcanicMantle
Volcanic Mantle+ 196/165 490/410 900
Wavecharmer's Mantle WaterSpirit 231/242 525/585 1110 Wave Charmers Mantle-Head
Wavecharmer's Mantle+ 254/267 597/708 1305
Wind Monarch's Robes SpiritAir 252/231 595/525 1120 Wind Monarchs Robes-Head
Wind Monarch's Robes+ 278/254 719/597 1316

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