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Armor Rarity Element(s) Tempered Battlegear. **** Fire/Earth Guardians Battlegear. **** Spirit/Earth Spartans Wargear. **** Air Earth (sexiest armor ever) BlackFrost Raiment. **** Water/Spirit FlameHunters Garb. **** Fire/Water Boilerplate Armor. **** Water/Fire Aegis Of the Dragon. **** Air/Earth Black Kaleidascope Raiment **** ALL MoFuggahs! Combustion Armor. **** Air/Fire Clayplate Mantle. **** Water/Earth Wicked Wraith. *** Spirit/Earth Sky Guardian. *** Air/Spirit Storm Sorcerer. *** Air/Water ForgeMasters Garb. ** Fire/Earth Steam Wizards Robes. ** Fire/Water Exorcists Vestments. ** Spirit/Air Flowstone BattleGear. ** Air/Earth Brawlers Armor. ** Spirit/Earth Molten Shroud. ** Fire/Earth Riverstone Mantle. ** Water/Earth RageBourne Raiment. ** Fire/Water Embersteel Armor. ** Fire/Spirit Glacier Armor. ** Water/Spirit StormRage Armor. ** Air/Water Monstrous Garb. ** Air/Earth Lightning Lord Armor. ** Air/Earth Asura Armor. ** Water/Earth Torchflame Mantle. ** Fire/Spirit Vinewood Carapace. ** Earth/Water Royal Flame Armor. ** Fire/Spirit Wavecharmers Mantle. * Water/Spirit Flamestorm Finery. * Fire/Air Exorcists Vestments. * Spirit/Earth Wind Monarchs Robes. * Air/Spirit Volcanic Mantle. * Earth/Fire

Hope this helps, thank you for your time :D

Any Nemesis Armor Any Epic Armor

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