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First Bronze Medal <3

Need help on getting into a better Ribbon within the Arena?

This will be one of the many other Guides you've guys have seen lately all over the Wikipedia, or the Gree Forums of Knights & Dragons!

No Gems?

Got no gems? Don't worry about it! There's plenty of ways to obtain a good Ribbon and or Medal without using a single Gem! I myself Double Down a lot and hope to win the Double Down's as much as I can, giving me a huge leap and boost in points.

Can't Double Down?

That's not a problem either! If you have a lot of low level friends that you can beat, You can simply Battle them and Gain 6 Arena Points if you win, or even 2 Arena Points if you lose! I know it's not a lot compared to 15 - 200 Points you can get, but it's free, easy, and fast points you can get!

I hope this helps some of you, or even just one of you guys. I'll add more when I can get some more information!



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