Capes are a buyable accessory in Knights and Dragons. They are bought/won once and can be placed on any of your knights.

All capes in the game

Purchasable CapesEdit

Cape Name How to acquire Photo
Hydra Cape 5,000 Gold Hydra Cape
Snakeskin Cape 5,000 Gold Snake Skin Cape
Winged Warrior Cape 5,000 Gold Winged Warrior Cape
Roc God Cape Gems Roc God Cape
Seafoam Cape Gems Seafoam Cape
Magician's Cape 12 Gems Magician's Cape
Mystical Cape 12 Gems Mystical Cape
Green Royal Cape 15 Gems Green Royal Cape
Purple Royal Cape 15 Gems Purple Royal Cape
Red Royal Cape 15 Gems Red Royal Cape
Cold Crags Cape 16 Gems Cold Crags Cape
Glacier Cape 20 Gems Glacier Cape
Ruby Cape 20 Gems Ruby Cape
Magma-silk Cape 30 Gems Magma-silk Cape
Dark Prince's Cape 34 Gems Dark Prince's Cape
Wraith's Cape 90 Gems Wraith's Cape
Cape Spectacular 650 Gems Cape Spectacular

Other capesEdit

There are several other capes in the game that can only be acquired by completing quests or finishing in guild wars/arena tournaments. These capes include:

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