The Call to Arms is a special gifting event that provides gifts for your whole Guild if a person buys a specific gem pack. The rewards can vary from Uncommon Armors, Rare Armors,  Fusion Boost Armors, or even an Epic Armor. These rewards corresponds to the store, as you can only obtain each prize from buying gems. The most common reward is the Uncommon Armors and the Rare Armors , and the rarest being the Epic Armor. The Epic Armor used for this event is usually an outdated Epic that is not very useful. The Call to Arms event usually begins near a Guild War or a Gem Sale, when more people would spend money on gems.


1st Tier of Rewards Fusion Boost Armor Epic Armor
Dragonflame Armor Fire Fusion Boost Armor Blazeborne Vanguard
Mystic Armor Spirit Fusion Boost Armor Beastmaster's Battlegear
Seafoam Armor Water Fusion Boost Armor Maelstrom Irons
Wing Warrior's Armor Air Fusion Boost Armor Cloudrange Platemail
Stonescale Plate Mail Earth Fusion Boost Armor Arborsteel Vanguard
Wind Monarch's Robes 3x Spirit Fusion Boost Armors Armor of the Devoted



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