Buildings are your main source of gold in the game with a few that serve other purposes.

The Arena, Fusion Master and Chance Chest buildings cannot be sold, but all other buildings can be sold for 20% of the purchase price, regardless of upgrades. If you sell a building, a gold bar will pop out which you can click on again to collect. (This last bit is not necessary, gold bars will start to expire after 10 seconds, but will be added to your balance once gone. It just speeds up collecting.)

All buildings can be moved around and flipped in two directions. Buildings of the same size can be swapped to move them around - there is no need to sell buildings in order to rebuild them elsewhere. (Although a 2 spot building can not switch places with two, 1 spot buildings.)

You can buy expansions in your Castle to get extra building spots.

Utility BuildingsEdit

Arena, Chance Chest, and Fusion Master Edit

The Arena, Chance Chest, and Fusion Master are free utility buildings which each serve a different purpose.

Building Cost Size Upgrades Ability
Arena Free 2x1 None Allows you to join PvP tournaments once you hit level 5.
Chance Chest Free 1x1 None Allows you to purchase and use keys to open chests for random rewards.
Fusion Master Free 2x1 None Allows you to fuse two armors of different elements together to create one new armor, enhance one armor using up to 4 sets of other armor, or smelt armor for gold.

Armorsmith Edit


The Armorsmith is used to forge new armors from items you collect from monsters and bosses (and also from chests, tournament wins, etc). You can build multiple Armormiths to craft several armors at the same time, but each additional Armorsmith costs progressively more to build. Each Armorsmith can also be upgraded to reduce production times of new armors.

Armorsmith Cost to Build/Upgrade Size Upgrades Ability
Level 1 Varies*

(see below)

2x1 - Allows you to craft armors using materials collected from monsters and bosses.
Level 2 10,000 gp 2x1 Armor takes 5% less time to craft. Allows you to craft armors using materials collected from monsters and bosses.
Level 3 10 gems 2x1 Armor takes 10% less time to craft Allows you to craft armors using materials collected from monsters and bosses.

*1st: Free, 2nd: 5,000 gp, 3rd: 25,000 gp, 4th: 20 Gems, 5th: 40 Gems, 6th: 80 Gems

Income Buildings Edit

Each building produces gold at different rates. Once their storage is full, they will stop generating gold until emptied. You can collect gold by clicking on the bag icon hovering over the building (which appears at about 25% capacity), or by clicking on the building and selecting 'collect' from the menu.

Upgrades increase gold production and storage capacity while keeping the time to fill roughly the same, resulting in a higher gold gain per hour. Level 3 upgrades are the same as a level 2 upgrade, with an added 25% storage bonus on top. A level 3 Fountain takes 6m15s to fill up versus 5 minutes on a level 1 or 2.

Fountain Edit


The Fountain is an excellent and inexpensive source of gold during active play, particularly in the early stages of the game, but it quickly reaches its maximum storage capacity and must be collected from often.

Fountain Cost Size Produces Stores Fills in Earning Potential


Level 1 100 gp 1x1 600 gp/h 50 gp 5m 600 gp/sq/h
Level 2 200 gp 1x1 900 gp/h 75 gp 5m 900 gp/sq/h
Level 3 3 Gems 1x1 1200 gp/h 125 gp 6m15s 1200 gp/sq/h

Guard Tower Edit


The Guard Tower produces gold slowly, but has a relatively large storage capacity making it better suited for accumulating gold while you are away from the game. It is a good option for the early stages of the game, but is quickly trumped by the Tavern and Dungeon, and later by the Training Grounds.

Guard Tower Cost Size Produces Stores Fills in Earning Potential


Level 1 300 gp 1x1 167 gp/h 2,000 gp 11h54m 167 gp/sq/h
Level 2 1,500 gp 1x1 ~204 gp/h 2,500 gp 12h15m ~204 gp/sq/h
Level 3 5 Gems 1x1 ~258 gp/h 3,300 gp 12h47m ~258 gp/sq/h

Cathedral Edit


The Cathedral functions much like the Fountain, producing relatively small amounts of gold quickly. However, in terms of gold per hour, the Fountain or Conservatory are better choices, and the Tavern produces gold at about the same rate with a much larger storage capacity. Other than to fulfill quest requirements, it is best to quickly overlook this building.

Cathedral Cost Size Produces Stores Fills in Earning Potential


Level 1 1,000 gp 1x1 500* gp/h 500 gp 1h 500* gp/sq/h
Level 2 2,000 gp 1x1 600 gp/h 600 gp 1h 600 gp/sq/h
Level 3 10 Gems 1x1 800 gp/h 800 gp 1h 800 gp/sq/h

* Contrary to game description, actual production appears to be 445 gp/h.

Tavern Edit


The Tavern produces slightly less gold per hour than the Cathedral, but has a much larger storage capacity making it the better option of the two. It produces a reasonable amount of gold during both active play and while away from the game (at least until the Dungeon, Training Field, or Monster Nest can be afforded).

Tavern Cost Size Produces Stores Fills in Earning Potential


Level 1 7,500 gp 1x1 475 gp/h 1,900 gp 4h 475 gp/sq/h
Level 2 10,000 gp 1x1 575 gp/h 2,300 gp 4h 575 gp/sq/h
Level 3 15 Gems 1x1 750 gp/h 3,000 gp 4h 750 gp/sq/h

Crystal Conservatory Edit


The Crystal Conservatory is a good, though expensive, replacement for the Fountain - it produces the same or more gold per hour, has a much larger storage capacity, and doesn't need to be collected from as frequently. It is best used for active play, and can eventually be replaced by the Monster Nest.

Crystal Conservatory Cost Size Produces Stores Fills in Earning Potential


Level 1 15,000 gp 1x1 800 gp/h 400 gp 30m 800 gp/sq/h
Level 2 3,500 gp 1x1 900 gp/h 450 gp 30m 900 gp/sq/h
Level 3 20 Gems 1x1 1200 gp/h 600 gp 30m 1200 gp/sq/h

Dungeon Edit


The Dungeon is a good replacement for the Tavern - it earns roughly the same amount of gold per hour, but has a much larger storage capacity. The Dungeon is the best 1x1 income building for accumulating gold while away from the game, but the Training Field at 2x1 are still a better option because they accumulate more gold faster.

Dungeon Cost Size Produces Stores Fills in Earning Potential


Level 1 30,000 gp 1x1 450 gp/h 9,000 gp 20h 450 gp/sq/h
Level 2 20,000 gp 1x1 525 gp/h 10,500 gp 20h 525 gp/sq/h
Level 3 30 Gems 1x1 750 gp/h 15,000 gp 20h 750 gp/sq/h

Training Field Edit


The Training Field is the best income building overall as it has the fastest gold production rate combined with the largest storage capacity. It's downside is that it takes up 2x1 squares, but it still beats the Dungeon provided you collect from it twice a day. For players who are active once or twice a day, this building will be the best to suit their needs

Training Fields Upgrade Cost Size Income/Hour Max Storage Maxed In Income/square/hr
Level 1 50,000 Gold 2 sq 1167 Gold 14,000 Gold 12h ~583 / sq / hr
Level 2 25,000 Gold 2 sq 1375 Gold 16,500 Gold 12h ~687 / sq / hr
Level 3 35 Gems 2 sq 1800 Gold 24,000 Gold 13h 20m 900 / sq /hr

Test Confirmation: I have timed the Training Field and determined that level 1 of the Training Field produces around 900 g/h. I looked at the screen that says how much gold per hour.

Method of Testing (25 Mar 2014)

  1. Using 1 hour interval with a stopwatch to make the error in timing less significant

Monster Nest Edit


The Monster Nest replaces the Crystal Conservatory as the highest gold producing building for active play. However, the Training Field is probably a better value due to its similar or higher gold production rate and high storage capacity which makes it good for both active play and when you are away from the game.

With the appearance of epic boss Corvus, the Monster Nest has been upgraded. Level 1 now produces 800gp/h (was 750gp/h) and stores 3,200 gp (was 1,500 gp). This means it now takes 4 hours to fill up, and becomes far more interesting as a production building.

Building Level Upgrade Cost Size Income/ Hr Storage Maxed In

Income efficiency

Level 1 100,000 gold 1 sq 800 gold/


3,200 gold 4h 800 gold/ sq/ hr
Level 2 15,000 gold 1 sq 900 gold/ hr 3,800 gold 4h 14m 900 gold/ sq/ hr
Level 3 40 Gems 1 sq 1200 gold/ hr 5,500 gold 4h 35m 1200 gold/ sq/ hr

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