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Broken Ground is a PvP Arena tournament that goes from November 14th, 2013 to November 21st, 2013. It's connected to the Epic Boss Behemoth.

Tournament RewardsEdit

Tier Ranking Rewards
Black Medal # 1 1x Spartan's Wargear,12x Flowstone Battlegear, 50 Gems, 16 Fusion Stones
Gold Medal # 2-5 1x Horrible Wurm Costume, 9x Flowstone Battlegear, 40 Gems, 12 Fusion Stones
Silver Medal # 6-25 9x Flowstone Battlegear, 30 Gems, 10 Fusion Stones
Bronze Medal # 26-100 6x Flowstone Battlegear, 20 Gems, 8 Fusion Stones
Ribbon A # 101-250 3x Flowstone Battlegear, 3x Monstrous Garb, 10 Gems, 6  Fusion Stones
Ribbon B # 251-500 2x Flowstone Battlegear, 3x Monstrous Garb, 5 Gems, 6 Fusion Stones
Ribbon C # 501-1,000 1x Flowstone Battlegear, 3x Monstrous Garb, 5 Gems, 6 Fusion Stones
Ribbon D # 1,001-1,500 1x Flowstone Battlegear, 2x Monstrous Garb, 2 Gems, 5 Fusion Stones
Ribbon E # 1,501-2,000 3x Monstrous Garb, 6x Shiny Shards, 2 Fusion Stones
Ribbon F # 2,001-5,000 3x Monstrous Garb, 6x Shiny Shards, 1 Fusion Stone
Ribbon G # 5,001-10,000 3x Monstrous Garb, 4x Shiny Shards, 4,000 Gold
Ribbon H # 10,001-60,000 1 Monstrous Garb, 2x Shiny Shards, 3000 Gold
Ribbon I # 60,000-1,000,000 2x Shiny Shards, 1 Potion, 1000 Gold
Broken Grounds Rewards

Broken Grounds Rewards


Limited Time Quests - ReinforcementsEdit

Part 1:Edit

Objective: Win 6/6 Tournament Battles In A Row.

Reward: 200 Gold, 90 experience

Part 2:Edit

Objective: Engage in 8/8 Tournament Battles In A Single Day.

Reward: 5000 Gold, 5150 experience

Part 3:Edit

Objective: Win 8/8 Tournament Battles With At Least One Party Member Wearing Earth Armor.

Reward: 5000 Gold, 5150 experience, 1 Gem

Event NotesEdit

  • The Broken Ground is a limited PvP tournament.
  • It dates November 14th to 21st, 2013.
  • It is in relation to the Behemoth.

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