These are the special boss drops that you can get in each location. Some Bosses drop only 1 type of Crafting Material, but most will drop a rarer material as well. The rarer material is dropped less frequently than the usual material.

Boss Drop Locations
Location Boss Elements Usual Drop Rarer Drop
Relic Ruins Earthquake Serpent Earth Stone Slabs n/a
Thieves Cove Water Elemental Water Chunks of Coral n/a
Skeletons Tomb Gorgon Warmistress Earth Water Stone Slabs Snakeskin Leather Strips
Flaming Wildwood Crimson Dragon Fire Crimson Dragon Scales n/a
Cold Rock Crags Mighty Mammoth Rider Air Valhallan Steel Ingots n/a
Faerie Forest Titania Spirit Mystic Cloth Scraps n/a
Writhing Cascades Waterio Water Air Chunks of Coral Typhoon Gems
Guardian's Crossing Cockatrice Air Earth Valhallan Steel Ingots Shiny Shards
Sparkling Steppes Chimera Earth Spirit Stone Slabs Chimera Talons
Blazing Tides Phoenix Fire Spirit Mystic Cloth Scraps Phoenix Feathers
Caballero Desert Hydra Water Fire Crimson Dragon Scales Hydra Scales
Sunken Carrack Ghostbeard Water Spirit Typhoon Gems Ghostly Beard Hairs
Misty Marsh Swamp Kraken Water Earth Hydra Scales Wriggling Roots
Zephyr Plateau Roc God Air Spirit Shiny Shards Roc Feathers
Haunted Citadel Cerberus Fire Earth Chimera Talons Infernal Iron Chunks
Kingdom of Darkness The Dark Prince Spirit Fire Phoenix Feathers Evil Jewels

In the Kingdom of Darkness you will encounter all previous Bosses again. They are stronger than earlier and they will drop the same materials as they do in their own locations.


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