Big Mom

Big Momma's Tournament

Big Momma's Tournament is a tournament that was held from May 10th to May 16th, 2013. It was the first Arena tournament to give Legendary Armor as a prize.


  • The Big Momma's Tournament added more ribbons, Ribbon 3-9. Now it is harder to get medals. This tournament also has a bunch of Gems" as a reward.
  • The one person that gets the Black medal gets a legendary armor, 12 of a different type of high-rarity armor, 50 gems, and 16 Fusion stones
  • The 4 People who get a gold medal get a Rocfeather Robes, 12 fusion stones, 9 of a different high-rarity armor, and 40 gems.
  • The 20 people who get a silver medal get 9 of a high-rarity armor, 30 gems, and 10 fusion stones.
  • The 75 people who get a bronze medal get 6 of a high-rarity armor, 20 gems, and 8 fusion stones.

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