The Big Four Are Armors Recommended By Experienced Players.

The Big Four Armors Are:    

Snakeskin Armor & Chimera Corps Uniform Both Have Lower Stats

Name Elements

Base Stats

Max Stats Combined Stats Picture

Crius Armor

EarthAir 187/187 579/677 1,256 CriusArmor
Crius Armor + 206/206 696/794 1,490

Atlantean Avenger Armor

WaterAir 187/170 579/611 1,190 AtlanteanAvengerArmor
Atlantean Avenger Armor + 207/189 746/777 1,523

Living Flame Armor

FireSpirit 170/179 611/620 1,231 LivingFlameArmor
Living Flame Armor + 189/198 777/737 1,514

Hydra Hunter's Mail

WaterFire 170/187 611/628 1,239 HydraHuntersMail

​​​Hydra Hunter's Mail +

189/207 777/795 1,572

After You Reach A Higher Level, Focus On Epic Boss Armors OR The Bigger Four

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