Beast Chest

Beast Chest

The Beast Chest is a limited edition chance chest that was/is on September 30th.

The chest can be opened using Beast Keys, which can be earned from:

Gree states that this is "The most valuable chest ever". It contains 2 star and above with a 4x chance for Legendary and Epic . It contained the new Epic Armor, Beastmaster's Battlegear. (Air/Spirit)

There is much debate as to what "most valuable" means. Previous limited edition chest cost 30 gems each or 300 for 11 chests. Previous chests had rewards that were Super rare (**) or higher. However, this chest is 35 gems, more expensive than any of its other limited chest predecessors.

Whatever it meant it was a was viewed as a big disappointment by many with some even leaving the game due to the amount of time and/or money spent preparing for these much hyped chests.

It would also appear that there is a bonus for opening 11 chests at once. The amount of Beast keys you acquire from completing all the beast brawl challenges is 11, and the rewards for completing the Great Old One quests is also 11. If a player got all 22 keys, the chest could be opened 11 times, twice. The prize for opening 11 chests is an Air Fusion Boost Armor, which can be obtained twice without gem usage.

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Headline text Edit

  • The Beast Chest is the second limited chest proceeding the Solstice chest
  • It came to the market on October 2 2013 along with the Beast Brawl | and Beast Brawl II collection(s)
  • The Beast Chest is the first chest to have needed only keys to unlock itself( Contrary to other Chests that can be unlocked with gems)
  • Currently it is the best chest to buy/unlocked
  • It will leave the market on October 9th 2013 along with Beast Brawl I and Beast Brawl II collection(s)

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