Armor of Boreas
Armor Of Boreas
Rarity Legendary Legendary
Elements AirWater
Maximum level 70
Craftable Yes
Fusable Yes
Level to unlock plus 35
Evolution levels 12 & 35
Match No match
Enhancement points 90 72
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials 50 Frozen Scales
Regular Attack trans 379 +9 Attack trans 1000 Materials found from Ancient Dragon Boreas
Defense trans 327 +7 Defense trans 810 Materials location Epic Boss
Plus Attack trans 419 +12 Attack trans 1247 Crafting cost 25,000 gold
Defense trans 362 +10 Defense trans 1052 Crafting time 24 Hours


Armor of Boreas is an Air/Water Legendary Armor and the second of four armors from the Ancient Dragons event. This armor is effective against Water/Fire, but ineffective against Earth/Air.

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