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Armor is the heart of fighting in Knights and Dragons. It determines the strength of your knights and with that the outcome of your battles.


Every armor type has its own specifications. They consist of attack and defense values and an element category. Armors with higher attack and defense values are generally stronger than armors with lower attack/defence values. You can increase the attack/defense values of your armors by enhancing them. The outcome of individual battles is influenced by the Elements of your armor. Every element is weak against one element and strong against another element, with the exception of starmetal armors. Every armor contains 1 or 2 Elements.

Plus VersionEdit

Many sets of armor have a stronger form which is indicated by a "+" after its name, eg "Wing Warrior's Armor +". If the armor can be crafted and it has a plus version you can unlock the ability to craft this stronger armor by enhancing its basic version to a certain level. After the basic version is sufficiently enhanced you will receive a message indicating the + version is unlocked. Once the "+" version is unlocked all armors you craft of that type will be "+" armors. Also the Armour has more Damage and Defense points than the not "+" version

The levels required to unlock the + version are:

  • Common and Uncommon Level cap: 30 -----> unlocked at level 10.
  • Rare and Super Rare Level cap: 50 -----> unlocked at level 15.
  • Ultra Rare Level cap: 70 -----> Storyline Ultra Rare 3 star armors unlocked at level 20.
  • Legendary Level cap: 70 -----> Epic Boss Legendary 4 star armors unlocked at level 35.
  • Epic Level cap: 99 -----> + version currently not able to be crafted.

Bigger FourEdit

The Big Four are four of the craftable rare armors from adventure. The plus versions of those armors have better stats than the non plus Super Rare armors available through fusion in the early stages of the game.

The Big Four are the plus versions of:

The armors available from the last four adventure stages are known as the Bigger Four. The plus version stats of those are comparable to non-plus Epic Boss armors.

See AlsoEdit

For an up-to-date, searchable and sortable list of armours, including by elements and rarity, please consult this Armour Chart (external link).

Armor Categories in Knights & Dragons
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