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Armor is what determines your strength in Knights & Dragons, excluding Pets and Trinkets.

Nemesis Nemesis Armor

Common Common Armor

Uncommon Uncommon Armor

Rare Rare Armors

Super rare Super Rare Armor

Ultra rare Ultra Rare Armor

Legendary Legendary Armor

Epic Epic Armor

Dragonforged-1 Dragonforged Armor

Shadowforged Shadowforged Armor


All armors in this game have:


  • How strong your armor is

Plus Version:

  • The better version of your armor! Unlocked when your armor reaches a certain level.

Plus+ Version

  • An even better version of your armor! This is only available for dragonforged armors.


  • Element beats element! This gives your armor a weakness and a strength against others!

Plus VersionEdit

Almost all armor has a "plus" version, this version is achieved by leveling a armor to a certain level.

Rarity Required Level Level Cap
Common Lvl.10 30
Uncommon Lvl.10 50
Rare Lvl.15 50
Super Rare Lvl.15 50
Ultra Rare Lvl.20 70
Legendary Lvl.35 70
Epic Lvl.35 99
Dragonforged n/a 105
Shadowforged n/a 99*

Craftable Epics may unlock a plus version.

Dragonforged+ armor may only be received in chests and achieving T3 in a raid.

*Shadowforged armor includes 10 levels of Ascension

The Big FourEdit

These Rare Armors are recommended for beginning players:

For more information, go to the Big Four page.

The Bigger FourEdit

These Ultra Rare Armors are good for mid-level players:

For more information, go to The Bigger Four page.

Elements Edit


Go to the Elements page to learn more about your elements.

Kaleidoscopic Armors Edit

Kaleidoscopic/Starmetal armors have an elemental advantage over all elements, except other Starmetal armors.


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