Ancient dragons banner

Teaser for Ancient Dragons event

On June 29, 2013 a login banner reading "Epic Evil Awakens July 3rd" and "Beware the Ancient Dragons" appeared, causing much speculation among the player community.  The banner remained for three days before being replaced with an ad for the latest sale.
Collect all 4 banner

Ancient Dragon event prize banner

The event began on July 3rd at the normal time for a new Epic Boss.  The boss Ancient Dragon Eurus entered the game, and the login banners announced not only the boss itself but also the prizes for the four-dragon event.  Collecting all four Ancient Dragon Armors will earn a limited edition cape, and crafting the "plus" versions of all four will earn the "plus" version of Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment, an extremely rare and powerful armor previously obtainable only from the Dark Prince's Chest. 

Collect all 4 banner version 2

Second version of the "collect all four" banner, with clarification

Initially there was much confusion about when the armor needed to be crafted.  The event banner for the second week clarified this requirement but did not say when you had to have them finished.  Gree's representative on the official forum, "The Wise One", gave several different answers, but kept re-editing the post until eventually it settled out.  To receive the rewards, you must have all four armors in your inventory within one week after the fourth dragon ends.

Collect all 4 banner final dragon

The final Ancient Dragon has arrived

As the weeks progressed, the images of the Black Kaleidoscopic Raiment and Ancient Dragon Wings gradually filled in, showing full color in the fourth week.
Ancient dragon extended

Banner for event extension

On August 7, a bit less than two hours before the armor was supposed to be awarded, Gree announced a one-week extension. This caused great uproar among players who were expecting to receive the armor and had filled their armor slots with armor that they planned to use in upgrading it, and were now stuck unable to craft anything for a week unless they expended these armors.

The DragonsEdit

Eurus banner

Banner for Eurus, the first Ancient Dragon

The first Ancient Dragon was Eurus , with Water/Spirit elements.

Boreas banner

Banner for Boreas, the second Ancient Dragon

On July 10th, Ancient Dragon Boreas appeared, the second ancient dragon, Air/Water Epic Boss. His Defense was 2% higher than Eurus.

Notus banner

Banner for Notus, the third Ancient Dragon

On July 17th, Ancient Dragon Notus made his appearance. His elements, Air + Spirit, came as a surprise to players who had guessed from the shape of his silhouette that it would be Earth or Earth + something. His Defense was 5% higher than Eurus.


Banner for Phyrus, the fourth and final Ancient Dragon

The fourth and final Ancient Dragon, Ancient Dragon Phyrus, appeared on July 24. His elements Fire + Earth filled the holes in the element circle left by the other three. His Defense was 10% higher than Eurus, making him a very formidable challenge.


Ancient origins banner

Login banner advertising Ancient Origins, the first Arena tournament during this event

Clash of ice and fire banner

Login banner for the second week's arena battles

The storyline for the arena tournaments during this event were also tied into the event, and the names and pictures for the tournaments reflected this. Each of the four banners featured variations on the same picture with that week's dragon attacking.

The fourth week's Arena quest storyline revealed that Phyrus is the leader of the ancient dragons.

Unstoppable forces banner

Login banner for the third week's arena

War of the dragons banner

Login banner for War of the Dragons, the fourth Arena event


  • The Ancient Dragons are named after the Anemoi, Greek wind gods assigned with a cardinal direction and associated with different seasons:
    • Eurus is the god of the east wind. He is the only one not associated with a season.
    • Boreas is the god of the north wind, bringer of cold, winter air.
    • Notus (or Notos) is the god of the south wind, bringer of late summer and early autumn storms.
    • Phyrus (or Zephyrus) is the god of west wind, bringer of late spring and early summer breezes.
  • The Ancient Dragon Wings appear to be based off of Phyrus's wings.

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