Agni's Offering
Agnis offering
Rarity Shadowforged Shadowforged
Elements FireFire
Maximum level 99
Ascension Levels 10
Craftable Yes
Fusable Yes
Level to unlock plus 35
Evolution levels 20 & 50
Match No match
Enhancement points 180 150
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv level 99 per Asc Lv Max Crafting materials 12 Agni's Horn
Regular Attack trans 2029 +12 3205 +46 Attack trans 3665 Materials found from Chance Chest
Defense trans 1930 +9 2812 +44 Defense trans 3252 Materials location Chance Chest
Plus Attack trans 2232 +14 3604 +55 Attack trans 4154 Crafting cost 75,000 Gold
Defense trans 2124 +11 3202 +53 Defense trans 3732 Crafting time 72 hours


The Agni's Offering is the first Shadowforged Armor alongside the Aeolian Abomination. It is doubly effective against Spirit armors, but doubly ineffective against Water armors. The armor can be crafted with 12 Agnis Horns. The Horns could be obtained through the limited edition Shadowforged Step chest or top prize in events.

How to ObtainEdit