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Looking for Guild members on IOS

Fed up of being in a guild that’s not active? Looking for active members lvl 50+ to join. The name of the guild is death eaters.

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How many fusion boost armours does it take to max out a shadow forged (if possible)?

I've got about 50 lvl 3 water fusion boost armours and wanted to see if I could max out my new SF straight away. Thank you
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members (ios Global)

Hi! need active players in the guild must have line the guild name is The Repentace we are t100 ewery events a part of touch
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Guild members

Needing guild members for Android servers
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Splash of titan

For some reason I did not receive the day one splash of Titan armour, I have just logged on this morning and being given the Day 2 rewards how do I receive the day
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Как можно быстро зафармить кристаллов ?

Мне нужно зафармить кристаллов 30-40. И сделать это за неделю-две.
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Knights & Dragons New Interface Request!

So it has been years but the graphics still remain the same, how about a new interface for “knights & dragons” such as dota 2 interface. I’m sure some are pretty bored out of the same inteface. Plus you can organize it too, so all the buttons would not all be cluttered out.
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I need help with loot!!"FAAAWK I can't come up, plus I haven't even gt

I need help with Luke Falk I can't come up at all plus I haven't even got my first set of things where you have friends to add you with your cold I'm in a guild but none of them is active so hell I can't come up so everybody please add me on Facebook Chad Loden please help . I'ma very active player. I just started last night and I'm on like level 30 something I will send my friend code, but I ain't you supposed to enter that like at the beginning of your tutorial before you play the game but it's WCX-PMR-MYR my apologies I just looked I'm a level 23 my main dude is attack is 2376 and his defense is 2179 my guild is AZTLAN BUT THERE HISPANICS AN I DON'T UNDER STAND EM.. SO ADD ME LETS GUILD UP AN DEMOLISH THIS EVIL FUCK NUT..
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Retrieve Accoumt

I cant retrieve my account somebody help me what to do
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Crystowl Fragments

So i need 2 Crystowl Fragments to craft one of the shadowforges, how do i get the last two now that they have added new pieces instead of the crystowl fragments in the arena etc?
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Ribbon h in war

Does anyone know what place my guild has to finish to get ribbon h?
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How do i get shadowforge im lvl 103. Im freeto play
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Chest Farming

I was wondering, is there any specific stages/ways to farm chest keys? If so, please comment! 😊
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Raid Calculator

I was curious what you all use for raid calculators. Any suggestions? Or how to go about this?
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Farming Enchanted Chest Keys

I was just curious if anyone was aware of a way to farm enchanted chest keys. What area/stage works the best and if there are just any known methods. I know it would be a slow process, but I'm very interested if anyone knows anything or has any input.
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My acc got rested

When I got a new phone and I bind that account on my new phone and when I accidentally uninstalled the game, so I when back and reinstall the game and when I was going to bind it again and my lvl was at lvl 1 and I was at 677. Who knows how to bring my a account back.
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U should b able 2 trade ar,ors or gibe armors tk friends,
There should also so b 3 element armor.
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